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About Murter / Jezera

The village of Jezera is located on the south-eastern part of the island of Murter.

It is indented into the horseshoe-like bay and surrounded by gentle hills.

Thanks to its natural position, the village is not exposed to the stronger wind attacks so the bay is an ideal place for a boat port and dock.

The village has 960 inhabitants.

The village is called Jezera (Lakes) because rain-water remains on the parts where the terrain is impenetrable and forms large puddles.

Blato or Jezero (Mud or Lake), in ancient times the swampy terrain was located on the south-western part of the village and was drained because of the appearance of malaria at the beginning of 20th century, whilst the other water surface known as Lokva (Puddle) is full of water from the first until the last period of rain.

Arrival on the Island Murter

The bridge between the land and island of Murter closes for the cars / opens for boats and sailboats  twice a day for half an hour, at 9am and 5pm.

This ensures all tourists a very fast and easy trip to the destination.

There is no ferry, no long waiting and no worries of closing the bridge because of a strong wind.

You just sit in the car, plan your arrival before or after the bridge is opened and you have reached the island of Murter.

Climate to relax your soul, mind & body

We have a Mediterranean climate on island of Murter, with dry and hot summers and mild and rainy winters.

Hot days (with maximum air temperature of at least 25 ° C) last at least 90 days a year and the cloudiness is small.

In average we have around 280 sunny days a year.

During the summer the most common wind is maestral, a prefect steady wind for sailing.

Usually it starts every day around 10.30 am, picking up till 3 pm and then drops down till 6 pm.

Our old locals tell us that from direction Kornati we can always see whether the rain will come and prepare for it.


The people from the village of Jezera have since ancient times, been occupied with wine producing, olive groves, fruit-growing, fishing, sailing and sand and stone extraction.

They dispose of only a small part of cultivable terrain as since ancient times they were more oriented towards the sea.

They own many islands and islets located on the eastern and southern parts of the island of Murter, including part of the island of Kaprije and Žirje and smaller part of the Kornati islands.

They are known as skilful seaman, so seamanship and fishing are considered the most important sectors of their economy.

Most fishermen and seamen from the island of Murter live in the village of Jezera.

Food, food, food ... and wine

Besides enjoying the beaches of the island there are plenty of other things to do.

A variety of activites can be experienced: hiking all around the island, cycling on numerous cycling routes, spear fishing, diving, SUP-ing and paintball.

Since Murter is close to some interesting spots you can take the following daily trips from the island.

Summer happenings in Jezera

The local people have organized gatherings in cultural associations which have become especially famous following the sounds of the Croatian national revival in Dalmatia.

They have been building the infrastructure of their village for years by means of their own funding and volunteer work, and thanks to this, today the village of Jezera is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Croatia.

The Jezera Sea Days, an event which lasts from mid July until the beginning of September, offers numerous cultural, entertainment and sporting events such as:  “How did our ancestors live and have fun”, “The dialect poetry night”, “Jezera’s fishermen’s party”, “Jezera’s traditional food night”, “The Fig party”, folklore nights (“Ball in our bay”, “Oh deep sea”…).

Within the Croatian Tourist Board’s activity, The Blue Flower is honoured the best arranged village in coastal Croatia, and Jezera has won second place in 2002, 2003 and 2005, third place in 2006 and first place in 2004.

How to get here?

Arrival to our Island is pretty simple.

Zadar airport is just 80 km form here, and Split airport is 90 km from here.

Bus connection is pretty good with our Island, and we can always offer a pick up at a round about Kapela, that is 10 km from our Island.

We are always here to help with a bus schedule or ordering a taxi, is never a problem for us.

Zadar Airport – 30 min drive

Split Airport – 1h drive

Zagreb Airport – 3h drive

Write your new adventure story on Murter Island. You will remember it forever.

Bike on Murter

Island Murter is just perfect for exploring with a bike. 

There are kilometers of amazing bike routes to explore, amazing scenery to see and some eksquizit restaurants to visit.

We have many biking roads by the sea, and if you rent a bike, you can explore whole Island.

Rent our Giant bike, and give it a try!

During the sailing courses you can stay at our Hostel or Apartment.

With us you can rent a Seascpe 18 or 24 boat and sail out to the open sea.

We offer different types of sailing course options. If you are a beginner and want to learn basics then Basic Sailing Course is the right way to go for you.

When arriving to Free Spirit Center on Murter Island you will be able to choose a sailing course depending on your sailing knowledge.


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