We sail on globaly renowned Seascape boats.


Voted Best Recreational Racer of the Year 2016 by the Sailing World magazine, Seascape 18 is a true champion of its class.

Born from the experience of the high performance singlehanded ocean racers and world class match-racers, Seascape18 offers sensations that were until now reserved only for chosen few.

At the same time she was designed specifically for beginners and recreational sailors that are looking for a boat able to grow with them, as they gather sailing experience.

Seascape18 effortlesy preformes a variety of roles. As a daysailer, it will bring you to your favorite beach. As a cruiser, it will unlock the secrets of small islands and bays. As a full on racer, its preformance will get the adrenalin pumping! Either way, Seascape18 will add salt to your life! 🙂


This amazing inshore racer has benefited from the R&D Seascape did with their 27 foot boat, making her fastest Seascape for light wind conditions.

Seascape24 is designed to offer the modern performance solution to the traditional bestseller cruising concept. Sailing World Magazine recognized Seascape24 as the best recreational racer for 2017! 

It has also won the French boat of the year award by Voile Magazine, and the title of the Best Small Cruiser by SAIL Magazine! The Seascape24 was also named European Yacht of the year 2017!

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