Autumn sailing

Summer has almost reached it’s peak, and we are now looking forward to sunny autumn days…

September will bring us sunshine, lower temperatures, empty beaches… and most important, the best conditions for sailing!

In short – we love autumn sailing! 🙂

Life will again be back in normal, the winds will be a bit stronger, the sea will still be warm, and the bays not so crowded…..  Exactly what we love the most! 🙂

We would be more than happy to show you how our autumn looks like – so, you should come and feel it like we do 🙂 Because Autumn is just made for the best time on the seaside! On Chasing Kornati September edition we do have two more places – feel free to join us!

Check the Sailing courses or Sailing Adventures and contact us for more info Here.

For all those who are sorry that they did not find time in summer for our famous Hangout Week, we have Autum Hangout Week on another amazing location on our Island! Check it out HERE!

Autumn weekends are the best for SeaEscape 🙂 Plan your weekends, and come to sail with us! We have 3 days Refreshment Course in the offer as well!

For those who would like to rent our fine boats, check out our rental offer.

Free your spirit with us this autumn, and enjoy in the best part of the year… the best is yet to come!



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